Tynan Shea Collins

Projects —

  1. SCA Museum

  2. Wingman

  3. Cell Phone Addiction

  4. Mast Coffee Company
  5. Type Puzzle
  6. Ave Lupo

  7. Ideo Journal

  8. Karl Blossfeldt

  9. Melo Velo


  1. Work

  2. Play
  3. Posters

I Am —

  1. A designer that specializes in modular identity systems, motion, illustration, packaging and, print design.


8. Visiting Artists


The Client:

Print, Campaign, Brochure / 2018
A gate-fold brochure for the Spring 2018 Visiting Artists for the University  Union Gallery at Sacramento State University.

The Concept(s):

A: Going inside the artists’ mind.

B: Spring.

Process: I utilized a diecutting machine to create a layered effect in order to present  a sense of craft as it is a brochure for visual artists.

The Award:

I received 1st place in the International ACUI “Steal This Idea” competition in the “brochure” category for this project.