Tynan Collins

Projects —

  1. SCA Museum

  2. Wingman

  3. Cell Phone Addiction

  4. Mast Coffee Company
  5. Type Puzzle
  6. Ave Lupo

  7. Ideo Journal

  8. Karl Blossfeldt

  9. Melo Velo


  1. Work

  2. Play
  3. Posters

I Am —

  1. A designer that specializes in modular identity systems, motion, illustration, packaging and, print design.


5. Ave Lupo

The Client:

Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Art Direction, Wordpress Design, Signage, Merchandise, Photography
Print Collateral
/ 2018
A conceptual, narrative driven lifestyle brand. Based on two core values: Duality and Natural Beauty

The Experience: 

Below is a pop-up designed to sell items. This included homemade essential oils, screened motion graphics and other supporting materials to set the tone of the brand.

The Identity:

The Packaging:

The Process: