Tynan Collins

Projects —

  1. SCA Museum

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  3. Cell Phone Addiction

  4. Mast Coffee Company
  5. Type Puzzle
  6. Ave Lupo

  7. Ideo Journal

  8. Karl Blossfeldt

  9. Melo Velo


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I Am —

  1. A designer that specializes in modular identity systems, motion, illustration, packaging and, print design.


3. Cell Phone Addiction

The Client:

PSA Campaign / 2018

A PSA done for school, targeted at the dangers of cell phone addiction and its relationship to the reward center of the brain shared with drugs such as cocaine. This is due to a concept called the “compulsion loop” and its relationship to the reward center of the brain.

The Process:

I mocked up a stereotypical “party” scene. I altered the lines of “cocaine” to be a wifi symbol in order to achieve isomorphic correspondence with the audience through their personal experience or what they have seen in popular culture. 

The Research

Through the application of scholarly articles I built my campaign around the concept of compulsion loops. An event that happens with cell phones and many addictive substances such as cocaine and nicotine. This informed the process and final product.