Tynan Collins

Projects —

  1. SCA Museum

  2. Wingman

  3. Cell Phone Addiction

  4. Mast Coffee Company
  5. Type Puzzle
  6. Ave Lupo

  7. Ideo Journal

  8. Karl Blossfeldt

  9. Melo Velo


  1. Work

  2. Play
  3. Posters

I Am —

  1. A designer that specializes in modular identity systems, motion, illustration, packaging and, print design.


10. Taiko Dan

The Client:

Event campaign, Process-forward / 2018

The Sacramento Traiditional Taiko Dan Drumming Band.

The Concept:

A: The concept of sound waves as if from a resonating drum.
B: Visual representation of wood grain; the material used in making the drum.
C: I paralleled the traditional aspect of Taiko drumming by using a traditional Japanese art form: Suminagashi a marbling technique.

The Process:

I used a stencil and rubber cement for the letters on the paper before I dropped it in the marbled water so ther would be a natural mask