7. Guerrilla Girls

The Client:

Print, Campaign, Digital / 2018
A campaign designed for the Guerrilla Girls United States lecture tour. This was for the appearance made at Sacramento State University and Verge Center for the Arts.

The Concept:

Title: Guerrilla Girls: Reinventing the “F” Word: Feminism
The Guerilla Girls fight discrimination and support equality for all people. I used this as the premise for the whole campaign. The body of the "Geurrilla Girl" to cast a shadow on the unequal side of the symbol. In doing this I also abstractly highlighted the top of a capital F.

The Identity & Campaign:

The Process:

I had in mind the post-modern approach of xerox’ing the designs, cutting, then xerox’ingagain in order to achieve a look similar to that in which the Guerrilla Girls began their first campaigns.

The Award:

I received 3rd place in the ACUI International “Steal This Idea” competition for conceptual campaign