Tynan Shea Collins

Projects —

  1. SCA Museum

  2. Wingman

  3. Cell Phone Addiction

  4. Mast Coffee Company
  5. Type Puzzle
  6. Ave Lupo

  7. Ideo Journal

  8. Karl Blossfeldt

  9. Melo Velo


  1. Work

  2. Play
  3. Posters

I Am —

  1. A designer that specializes in modular identity systems, motion, illustration, packaging and, print design.


8. Guerrilla Girls

The Client:

Print, Campaign, Digital / 2018
A campaign designed for the Guerrilla Girls United States lecture tour. This was for the appearance made at Sacramento State University and Verge Center for the Arts.

The Concept:

Title: Guerrilla Girls: Reinventing the “F” Word: Feminism
The Guerilla Girls fight discrimination and support equality for all people. I used this as the premise for the whole campaign. The body of the "Geurrilla Girl" to cast a shadow on the unequal side of the symbol. In doing this I also abstractly highlighted the top of a capital F.

The Identity & Campaign:

The Process:

I had in mind the post-modern approach of xerox’ing the designs, cutting, then xerox’ingagain in order to achieve a look similar to that in which the Guerrilla Girls began their first campaigns.

The Award:

I received 3rd place in the ACUI International “Steal This Idea” competition for conceptual campaign